In the NOURISH Advanced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program you will:

  • Inspire your teaching.
  • Survey yoga research.
  • Breakdown complex postures into their constituent parts and build more sophisticated poses from simpler ones.
  • Plan, market, and teach a workshop effectively.
  • Develop relationships and work with care providers of various modalities and specialties.
  • Use the philosophical foundations of yoga to inspire you and your teaching.
  • Develop skills to help individuals with common issues and injuries using modifications and alternatives.
  • Explore brain anatomy and physiology in the context of the way that yogic practices affect the nervous system.
  • Discuss ways to strengthen the yoga community and its role in ethical and cultural development.
  • Examine yoga representation and accessibility issues.
  • Address the most common student questions and how to answer them.
  • Learn how to sustain yourself in a yoga teaching career.

The NOURISH Advanced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is open to yoga teachers who have already trained at the Basic 200 Hour level (at NOURISH or anywhere else). Graduation from this program and 500 Hour Certification requires completion of 10 four week courses, an original thesis or research project, and 100 yoga teaching hours (previously completed or completed simultaneously with coursework).

Producing a thesis and/or a research project will allow you to focus on and become an expert in a particular topic in yoga that inspires and challenges you. The research and writing will be supervised and supported by a thesis/research advisor and a peer group that meets once per month to help you address issues and keep your project moving forward. This project will challenge you to learn and grown and may contribute to the field of yoga studies.

One of the other unique features of our Advanced 500 Hour program is that even if you are not sure yet that the whole program is the best for you, you may simply enroll in a single course. We think you'll likely love it and want to continue with the entire program, but in the event that you do not, then you aren't obligated to continue.

Finally, it is important to note that class sizes are limited for each course. It is not our goal to train as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Our goal is to train teachers thoroughly, to support not only enthusiasm for yoga but also dedication to its practice, and support those who do graduate from our program in becoming the highest quality yoga teachers they can be.

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If you are interested in the Advanced 500 Hour program, but still haven't finished a Basic 200 Hour program then learn more here.

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