Whether you are new to yoga teacher training, partially completed a yoga teacher training program, completed a 200 hour certification but are not confident enough in your skills to start teaching, are already teaching yoga but would like to complete a 500 hour certification, or are a yoga teacher who just wants some relevant and supportive continuing education, NOURISH has the yoga teacher training coursework and programs to suit your needs.

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To get started, just click on the statement that best articulates where you are right now and we'll guide you to the right information:

I have never done a yoga teacher training program.

I completed a 200 Hour training but feel like I need more education to be a safe, effective, and confident teacher.

I am already certified at 200 Hours and want to earn my 500 Hour certification.

I am already teaching yoga regularly, but need a refresher and/or more education in certain areas of interest to me.

If none of these statements describes your current status or interest, then feel free to browse upcoming course offerings here

Otherwise feel free to send us an email at info@nourishsantacruz.com or call us at 831-359-5335.

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"I've been coming to yoga classes at NOURISH for only SIX WEEKS and my back feels better than it has in 45 years!"

~Anonymous Student

"Almost 4 years ago I injured my lower back. As a result, I spent a lot of time and money at my chiropractor's office and getting periodic massages. A year ago, I joined NOURISH at the urging of both my masseuse and my chiropractor. This last Sunday, for the first time since my injury, I was able to garden ALL day without pain, fatigue or stiffness in my back. Am I absolutely thrilled that I finally started practicing yoga? Yes! I believe that practicing yoga has enabled me to heal beyond the point that massage or chiropractics were able to take me. I can feel my body getting stronger and I am grateful for that. I want to thank the staff at NOURISH for making a comfortable, welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for me on my new path to well-being. And thanks to Victor for being such a fantastic instructor."

~Andie Hernandez

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