The NOURISH Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed to prepare you for the joys and challenges of yoga teaching, provide you with the highest quality instruction, give you time to absorb and apply information learned, and get you started on the path to teaching yoga as soon as you are ready.

Rather than a straight line that begins and ends, our courses are offered as a cycle that you can enter whenever a new course is beginning. All 6 of the courses included in our program are 4 weeks long and meet twice per week. Unlike programs that meet once per month, the twice per week course meetings give you lots of reinforcement of information learned, opportunities to have questions answered as they arise, and encourage deeper and longer lasting retention of knowledge.

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Once you've finished all 6 courses, you'll have the opportunity to student teach for 8 weeks in 2 real life yoga classes per week! While many teacher training programs give you a chance to teach only to your peers, the NOURISH Teacher Training Program gives you the opportunity to practice teaching in actual yoga classes. While we know that at first this may sound intimidating, we also recognize the value of gradually learning to teach regular yoga classes in a supported environment, with mentorship and guidance. If you're ready to get real about teaching yoga, this is the program for you.

One of the other unique features of our program is that even if you are not sure yet that this is the best program for you, simply enroll in a single course and see how it goes. We think you'll likely love it and want to continue with the entire program, but in the event that you do not, then you aren't obligated to continue.

Finally, it is important to note that class sizes are limited for each course. It is not our goal to train as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Our goal is to train teachers thoroughly, to support not only enthusiasm for yoga but also dedication to its practice, and support those who do graduate from our program in becoming the highest quality yoga teachers they can be.

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Anatomy and Physiology of Muscles, Bones, and Joints

Learn Basic Skeletal Anatomy
Explore the Major Muscles Strengthened
and Stretched in Yoga Practice
Deepen Your Knowledge of the Structure and Function of Joints

Anatomy and Physiology of Respiration, Circulation, and the Nervous System

Deepen Your Understanding of the Mind-Body Connection
Learn Why Breath Work is an Essential Element of Yoga Practice
Explore the Way that Cardiovascular Health is Affected By Yoga Practice

In Depth Exploration of Yoga Practices

Deepen Your Understanding of the Core Yoga Posture
Learn and Practice Basic Breath Work and Meditation
Explore the Relationships Between Yoga Postures,
Study and Practice Appropriate Modifications and Alternatives for Yoga Postures

Yoga Philosophy: Foundations of Practice

Study the History of Yoga
Read and Discuss Foundational Yoga Texts
Explore the Philosophical Foundations of Modern Yoga Practices

Yoga Teaching Professionalism and Planning

Explore and Discuss the Ethics of Teaching Yoga
Learn to Plan Yoga Class Themes and Sequences for Different
Levels and Populations of Students
Practice Effective Communication, Demonstration and Speaking

Yoga Teaching Skills Development

Create Classes and Practice Teaching
Learn How and Why to Give or Not Give Adjustments to Students
Hone Deeper Skills of Yoga Instruction

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