Autumn Edgar

"The Nourish teacher training was a great experience. The entire course takes 8 months which allowed me time to understand and integrate the knowledge I learned. At times, the amount of information was overwhelming and having time to understand the concepts was very important to me. My relationship to yoga and my personal practice evolved throughout the months of the training. By the end, I felt more confident in what I wanted to teach, what my experience with yoga has been and what I want to create for others. The curriculum is comprehensive including anatomy, physiology, history, philosophy, in-depth study of yoga postures, and ethics. Victor's teaching style is interactive and I allows for ample opportunities to ask questions, explore ideas, and express doubts. After completing the six months of course work, I completed 8 weeks of student teaching. Although this was very challenging, it was the best way to practice teaching. I was guided and mentored along the way and, by the end, capable of teaching a full-length yoga class. I highly recommend the Nourish teacher training as a quality program that supports each participant on their individual path as a yoga teacher."

Maya Bloomer

"The yoga teacher training program at Nourish has been a truly wonderful experience for me, it covers a wide spectrum of materials to prepare you for teaching yoga. Ranging from physiology and anatomy, on how our body moves and which muscles are complimenting each other in postures; to professionalism in the workplace and how to create a safe and wholesome environment for your yoga students. The skills I have acquired from this program not only help to create a stable foundation for becoming a new teacher but have also integrated into every part of my life. I find myself being more mindful and observant, bringing yoga practices into my everyday activities and creating a healthier lifestyle for myself. Nourish is a special environment surrounded by a community of people who support one and other in leading healthy wholesome lifestyles that encompass yoga philosophies. I appreciate how the program is laid out, it is a gradual program meeting twice a week over the span of a few months finishing with a student apprenticeship. This style of program has allowed me to digest the information and learn over the past few months rather than condensing or trying to cram it into a short few weeks, similar to most other programs I had looked into. I have also found that the student apprenticeship has been extremely beneficial, learning a new skill is often hard and can cause anxiety for me but when surrounded by such an amazing community it turned the anxiety into pure excitement and was an experience I will always cherish. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in teaching or furthering their own knowledge of yoga and the human body."

Minnie Harway, RN

"The 200 Hour YTT program at Nourish provided a comprehensive understanding in the fundamentals of yoga, yoga philosophy and teaching techniques in a supportive and fun environment. The course materials and course objectives far exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was so well designed in developing a student into a confident and empowered teacher. I highly recommend Nourish to anyone, especially to those who cannot access the more intensive schedules of many other teacher training programs. I was able to integrate my training at Nourish with my already busy schedule as a working mom and wife."

Minnie is a Registered Nurse and works in the burn unit at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where she also teaches yoga classes for burn survivors.

Ruth O'Donnell

"I had the pleasure of participating in the teacher training program at Nourish Yoga in Santa Cruz. The program was comprehensive and extremely enjoyable. Each module was well thought out and each module built on the next so that by the end of the program, I felt confident and prepared to teach yoga classes that are safe and well rounded for many different levels of students. It is clear that Victor intends to prepare well rounded yoga teachers with many tools to pull from as we head out to teach.

The part of this particular teacher training I found to be most valuable was the 8 weeks of student teaching. Each week during this portion of the program, we had the opportunity to teach with Victor. Again, each week was designed to increase our confidence, teach a bit more until, in the end of the course, we accumulated the necessary skill set to teach an entire class. After every class, I met with Victor to discuss the class just taught and was offered notes to consider for the next time. It is during this portion of the program that I feel I've grown as a teacher the most. I find that I'm a more well rounded teacher and human for that matter, after participating in this program. I highly recommend the program."

Sage Cress

"I am very happy I chose to do my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Nourish. Every step of the way, it was clear that the program was designed thoughtfully and with intention. The program offered a balanced amount of technical information, guided exploration of one's thoughts, preferences, and questions about yoga, and opportunity for application of all the above. Victor Dubin's teaching style created a learning atmosphere that took the subject matter and student wellbeing very seriously, yet was full of humor and attentiveness to the spontaneous moments in life. The small class sizes with plenty of room for dialogue allowed for collaborative learning and safe space to swap insights with fellow yoga teacher aspirants. The apprenticeship co-teaching portion of the program was unique and allowed me to apply the course material in a very real and alive way.

As I reflect on my experience, I realize how key that challenging eight-week teaching experience was for my development as a person and for gaining confidence in my new practice of teaching yoga. I am thankful that the program was not an intensive, as the longer duration allowed me to steadily integrate the lessons, techniques, and material into my daily life for deeper pondering and better retention. Through Nourish's teacher training program I learned how to prepare for and lead a safe and effective yoga class. In addition, I am now humbled and freed by the realization that I do not have all the answers and there is infinitely more to learn about yoga and ways to teach it. I conclude the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training grateful to Victor and the folks at Nourish, my fellow students in the program, and the community members who graciously held the space for me to learn through leading the classes they frequent. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who looks to deepen their own established personal practice or wants hands on experience to build a foundation for professionally teaching yoga."

Emily Cervantes

"When I first started going to Nourish in 2013, I knew it would be the studio I would choose to get my YTT Certification. Victor Dubin has created a teacher training program that sets each student up for success. Each of the six courses are four weeks long, allowing you to fully engage in peer-teacher discourse, and absorb the proper knowledge of a Yoga Teacher. I did not expect to learn so much of what I wasn't able to comprehend in high school, such as anatomy and the nervous system and respiratory cycle. I also did not expect to learn so much about myself as a person, student and teacher. Once completing the six courses, follows an eight-week apprenticeship. In these eight weeks, you are assistent teaching two of Victors classes. Victor provides incredible support and guidance by meeting before and after each class, giving you the chance to reflect on your performance. He truly wants his students to feel as prepared as they can be when it's time to teach their own classes. I have learned more about Yoga, in the one year I have been in this program, than I have in my whole five years of practice. One can see how Victor's dedicated practice of Yoga, has shaped an honest and empowering style of teaching. I am so grateful for EVERYONE at Nourish, staff and students. Nourish has created a space that genuinely emits warmth, light and respect."

Emily Hogye

"Taking and completing the 200 hour yoga teacher training program through Nourish was probably one of the best decisions I have made for my life, ever. The training was thorough and engaging, interesting and inspiring, always leaving me eager to continue learning and digging deeper after class and between classes. From human anatomy and physiology, the nervous system, circulation and respiration systems, history, philosophy, how to teach/teaching skills, and business ethics of being a yoga teacher, this training covered it all. I learned so much about yoga that I can use on and off the mat, as a teacher, and as an eternal student of yoga. I would recommend this teacher training program to anyone and everyone, whether you decide to go on as a teacher or just would like to deepen your own personal practice and understanding of not only yoga, but yourself, your mind, body, soul, and the world around you."

Angie Christine

"I began this program on a journey of self care, personal development and to have a deeper understanding of yoga. Through this program I have received more than I imagined. It was a quality investment of my time and money that I spent into the transformation of my mind, body, soul & emotions. Victor is as smart as he is funny. His classes are structured providing excellent knowledge in a relaxed, friendly & fun atmosphere. I recommend his courses and training not only for yoga teachers but for anyone who would like to enrich their lives from within."

Ashley Robello

"The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Nourish is world-class! The year long journey explores the depths of the body, mind, spirit connection with playful and boundless enthusiasm. The manner in which Victor Dubin builds up each of his students with knowledge - from the basics of anatomy, the nervous system, the respiratory system, to how yoga interacts with these processes, yogic philosophy, issues in teaching, developing teaching skills, and capping it all off with an 8 week apprenticeship to grow confidence through experience - truly shows his passion for the subject and his unwavering commitment to his students. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of yoga, cultivate their personal practice, and share the heart of yoga with those around them. I also recommend any of Victor's classes and the Nourish studio to anyone seeking to establish a practice. I am so grateful and inspired by the loving community I have found. Thank you Victor! And thank you to everyone at Nourish Santa Cruz!"

Tara Ford

"If you are looking for an in depth yoga teacher training program and like a teacher with a strong (sometimes brash) sense of humor, then this is the program for you. The past ten months have been life changing and completing this program, I feel like I have a foundation that will serve me well on my teaching journey."

Kat Burke

"After looking into many different yoga teacher training programs, I am grateful to have found and completed Victor Dubin's 200-hour RYT training program at Nourish. The program consists of 6 one-month modules followed by 8 weeks of student teaching. The modules run on a continuous cycle so students can begin the program at the module of their choosing. Being able to sign up for just one module at a time gave me the opportunity to confirm that the program was a fit for me before making a 9 month commitment. My first module was History and Philosophy of Yoga and I knew during that first week of class that I was in the right place due to Victor's high quality teaching and professionalism. Having a consistent schedule of class two nights each week was well-paced for me. In addition to class attendance and assignments, students are expected to maintain a reflection journal and log of personal practice (approx. 4-5 hours per week). I found this to be very useful documentation of my questions, discoveries, and growth. Weekly office hours are offered, a unique feature of a teacher training program, and I often brought my questions there. Upon completion of the coursework, the apprenticeship component begins by teaching alongside Victor in his studio classes. Initially the student teacher leads a few poses and by the end of the 8 weeks, teaches the entire class. I appreciated the well thought-out structure that Victor provides for this experience. Each teaching session is followed by a debriefing session involving detailed constructive criticism and guidance where I was challenged to grow and rise to my potential. I feel that I have been provided with a strong, solid foundation as I embark on my journey as a yoga teacher. I am extremely grateful for the quality training I received and the personal growth I experienced in the process; I highly recommend this program."

Mel Defe

"Approaching the age of 67 and having had a full and demanding career in high tech and higher education in Silicon Valley, I sought out a respected, knowledgeable instructor for completing my yoga teacher training. Before I started my teacher training I had practiced with several yoga teachers that were trained by Mr. Dubin and I was always impressed by their knowledge and quality of instruction.

The teacher training program was demanding and comprehensive covering subjects of muscles, bones and joints, the hidden language of yoga, yoga as medicine, circulatory system, and of course teaching yoga, understanding postures, contraindications, adjustments and final exams after each course that required hours of research and analysis of topics that applied to each subject of study.

Once all subject matter was covered in a classroom environment, the challenging, but all-important, student teaching experience under Mr. Dubin's guidance was started. The student teaching process included teaching postures for eight weeks, twice a week, increasingly teaching more of a class each week, until the final week requiring me to teach the entire class from opening meditation to closing. I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to student teach under Mr. Dubin's watchful eye. His open and honest correction of my teaching progress was invaluable and led to growth I could not have experienced without his input.

Without a doubt I feel that I am prepared to be a yoga teacher after my months of yoga teacher training. While I know that I still have lots to learn, I believe the start of my yoga teaching journey is on solid ground."

James Winkler

"I researched several yoga teacher training programs and chose to go with the teacher training program at Nourish of Santa Cruz taught by Victor Dubin. With the classes meeting two nights per week and over a longer duration of time, I thought I would gain a better understanding of the material covered and be able to juggle my work and family schedule. This turned out to be a great decision - the program educated me about the history and philosophy of yoga and the muscles, bones, joints and nervous systems courses provided another perspective for me as a kinesiology instructor and coach. The sequence of courses and Victor's teaching style (facilitator and guide) allowed me to see the integration and connection of the mind, body, and breath. I utilize and refer to this information when I work with my student-athletes and during my own practice.

One of the most valuable and personally rewarding courses was the eight weeks of student teaching with Victor's mentoring and guidance. The ability to apply the knowledge gained from class discussions and readings in an actual yoga practice is invaluable. I highly recommend the teacher training program at Nourish with Victor."

James teaches yoga, kinesiology, and physical education at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA and coaches at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA.

Lindsay Andrews

"It's hard to overemphasize the quality of this program. It is clear that each component has been carefully thought out and intentionally placed to have the optimal educational impact on the students participating. Practically, there were a few key things I really appreciated about the program. The first was the format. Attending class twice a week integrated the practice and principles of yoga into my life in a really holistic and life-changing way. It also allowed me to begin the training with the option of taking the classes non-sequentially which made it more accessible given my full time work schedule. I also really appreciated the amount of depth we went into in the subjects of anatomy, physiology, respiration, circulation, and the nervous system. Understanding these systems solidified my understanding of the practical ways that yoga can be a tool for stress management in everyday life. More generally, I really valued the clear emphasis on the responsibility of a yoga teacher that was woven into all the material. Victor embodies the values and principles of yoga in a way that demonstrates what students can work towards. Rather than train in a specific type of yoga, I have become confident in and comfortable with the poses and principles of yoga, the craft of teaching, and the connection between these practices and the movement of life "off the mat." I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in doing a Yoga Teacher Training. It was a tremendously positive and transformative experience in my life."

Amie O'Donovan

"The yoga teacher training at Nourish is a comprehensive program that prepared me to teach yoga. The courses lay a foundation of knowledge and open doors for students to further explore the art and science of yoga. Classes are held in the evenings two days a week, which allows students to continue working and practicing yoga without rearranging their lives. A valuable aspect of the Nourish teacher training is the 8 week apprenticeship. Students work with Victor to gradually teach an entire yoga class from start to finish. He takes time to give constructive feedback and encouraged me to find my own teaching style. Overall, I feel confident that the Nourish yoga teacher training program will deepen anyone's personal practice and prepare them to teach yoga."

Inara Sophia

"The yoga Teacher Training program at NOURISH, led by Victor Dubin, is a well-rounded program. Touching on yoga history, philosophy, physiology, anatomy, things that create a great class and teacher and the business of yoga, it's pace was perfect for my life, as a busy single Mom. Specifics of each class were highlighted and integrated with previous materials. Allowing for a comprehensive examination of all the things most needed for a successful yoga teacher training. Overall I am very happy with the education I received and I would and have recommended Victor's teacher training."

Merete Christiansen

"I enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training program with the intention of expanding my understanding of the practice of yoga, my practice of yoga, and teaching in general, but not necessarily becoming a yoga teacher. Throughout my journey, that changed as my confidence and understanding grew.

The structure of the program fit well with my busy lifestyle. Thanks to the program's thoughtful design and Victor's teaching, I was able to integrate the information we were learning at the appropriate level for my learning style, and past knowledge. The consistent class meetings allowed me to reinforce what I was learning, and integrate it into my personal practice effectively.

One of the key features that makes this program stand out is the student teaching apprenticeship. I was able to discover myself as a teacher with the guidance of my mentor, and effectively develop my teaching style.

Upon graduating the program, I have been given the opportunity to continue developing as a teacher by substitute teaching classes at NOURISH. I have loved every minute of my experience as a teacher so far, and look forward to the bright future ahead.

My intentions of expanding my understanding of yoga, my practice, and teaching were well met, and encouraged to grow further following completion of the program. Enrolling in this program made me a stronger, more independent, and thoughtful person. I recommend the NOURISH Yoga Teacher Training program to anyone who wishes to learn more about themselves, and the practice of yoga."

Leslie Goodfriend

"The teacher training program at NOURISH was an investment that really paid off. My yoga practice has deepened as a result of learning and understanding how yoga impacts the body. I enjoyed the relaxed learning environment during the classes and the dialogue was lively and encouraged deep thinking of what yoga is as a practice and a philosophy. I appreciated the two month long student teaching portion of the series- it allowed me to develop my teaching skills in a thoughtful and meaningful way and by the end of the eight weeks my confidence had grown along with my teaching skills. I strongly recommend this course if you are interested in learning to become a yoga teacher.

I had been practicing yoga for 12 years before I decided to venture into the world of teacher training. My children were getting older and I needed to find something to occupy my time. I dove into the first class- Muscles, Bones and Joints and had my first aha moment! I knew I loved yoga but learning more deeply about the physiological impact of yoga on the body was amazing to me! I continued on with no expectation I would teach yoga. My own practice became deeper and more focused as I continued on the teacher path. I discovered during the student teaching portion of the series that I enjoyed teaching almost as much as I enjoyed practicing. Yoga has helped me in so many ways both physically and emotionally and I hope to share that with others by teaching and bringing that sense of peace and balance to others."

Sara Kaiser

"I was on the fence about teacher training to begin with. I was wary of yoga stereotypes, of taking on such a predictable Santa Cruz identity, of having to abandon my personality to be peaceful - boring - so I thought. Plus, it was a serious financial consideration. I oscillated between going for it and forgetting about it up until the last moment before the first course began, and something got me to click the button to register. After a few classes in the first of the six courses, I found myself beaming every time I walked in the door at NOURISH. Throughout the training we stumbled upon all sorts of topics - especially in the History and Philosophy of Yoga course - whose equalizing ambiguity places everybody in the same position of non-knowing; at these moments I felt simultaneously the senses of wonder, solidarity, and humility. I have begun to notice the presence of this weave within me more and more, and it feels absolutely wonderful. In all of its uncertainty, ambiguity can be a place of surprising stability. And reconciliations like this abound. We can have simplicity and complexity at the same moment. We find that difference and sameness are interlocked. Harmony and Chaos are not enemies but partners. We can ground down into the mat even as we lift to the sky. Our lives can be uncontroversialy peaceful and interesting. Discovering how is the great fun of yoga."

Sara teaches yoga in Santa Cruz. You can read more of Sara's refelections on the NOURISH Yoga Teacher training here.

Amanda Nazzal

"Nourish's Yoga Teacher training program couldn't have found me at a better time. I was at a crossroads in my life where I didn't know what was to come in the next chapter. I dove into the teacher training program with the simple intent of deepening my personal practice. I wasn't sure I'd want to teach, but through the in-depth training program and working with Victor, I came to realize the old adage: that we teach best what we most need to learn. Working with Victor taught me to be both the student and the teacher at all times -- constantly curious about what can be gained from the process of yoga. This program gifted me with knowledge, understanding, and true mentorship and friendship with others in the program. Totally life changing for the better!"

Amanda teaches yoga in the Inland Empire in Southern California. You can learn more about Amanda and her teaching at:

Marissa Sheere

"I always tell students that inquire about seeking training (where to, how to choose etc.) that I am authentically grateful for my training process because I didn't search for a place to get certified, but rather, searched for a teacher that inspired me; someone I wanted to learn from. I appreciate that Victor's approach is a "holistic" view of yoga, or as I've heard him say: "nondenominational", which I love. All students are unique and Victor wholly embraces that in is his teaching on the mat, and in the classroom. I felt supported to explore a wide range of styles and learn about lengths of history and philosophy, all the while encouraged to dive deeper into what was resonating with me most so that I could truly create my own style and discover my personal teaching voice."

Marissa teaches yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area regularly at: Fitmob, OM Power, Butterfly Yoga, Academy of Art University, EA Sports, and Mark Logic. She frequently subs classes at many other Bay Area locations.

Lun Wang, LCSW

"The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program was an invaluable experience for me. I originally started this program to learn more about yoga practice and see how I can integrate yoga into my practice as a social worker working with children and families that are survivors of trauma. Today I am a trainer and teacher for social workers and this involves developing curriculum, identifying the purpose and objectives for each training, and teaching classes as large as 40-50 social workers. Victor's teaching program is the only place where I learned how to really connect to my purpose and share it with others - whether it was in a yoga class or a training environment for social workers. He gave me thoughtful feedback and constructive criticism about how I could get out of my own way and really connect to my purpose in teaching yoga and doing the work I do. This program was also the only place an expert teacher observed my live teaching and gave me feedback. Although I do not teach yoga regularly, I have continued to use what I have learned in this program in my work as a social worker, licensed therapist, and yoga practitioner."

Lun is the founder of Cultivate Joy - Therapy, Coaching and Consulting and provide licensed therapy, coaching, and organizational consulting to promote individual and organizational wellness. For more information, please visit: www.lunwanglcsw.com

Zoe Williams

"The Yoga Teacher Training program at Nourish opened new paths of existence in my personal, physical, and spiritual life. I was so grateful that Victor taught us in such a broad way as to allow us students to experience and create our own Yoga teaching style. Nourish lends itself to the idea that yoga is for everyone and the Teacher Training backs this immensely. It was a honor to be a part of the program, and that honor continues with each class I teach." Zoe currently teaches at NOURISH, Toadal Fitness, and Mission Hill Middle School in Santa Cruz.

Brenna Rodriguez

"The teacher training program at NOURISH allowed me to develop a clear and conscious approach to teaching yoga. NOURISH's program encourages students to explore the mind, body, and soul in rich and meaningful ways. Victor's approach helped to boost my own self-confidence and the way that I bring knowledge to all my students. Immediately after finishing the program I was granted an opportunity to teach classes at NOURISH. I am also an elementary school teacher and still sub for NOURISH. I feel so blessed that I have been able to maintain a connection with this amazing community. Other local studios know of the integrity and skill of teachers coming out of this program, so finding teaching opportunities is not very challenging. This program has given me a sound foundation for teaching yoga."

Brenna teaches elementary school in Soquel, CA and yoga in Aptos and Santa Cruz. Learn more about Brenna at:

Debra Whizin

"I started in Victor's teaching training program in 2009. It was a one year program, I thought it was very comprehensive and thorough. At first I thought it was going to be a bit to long but discovered along the way that I needed all that time to explore and learn all the necessary information about Yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Victor and his style of teaching. I highly recommend his Teaching Training program,if you are planning on becoming a yoga instructor or if you are a student that loves yoga, it will take you deeper into you practice and understanding how yoga broadens and strengthens all areas of your life."

Debra lives and works in Santa Cruz.

Cigla Oztas

"I came to Santa Cruz as a Software engineer and left as a Yoga Instructor. I feel so lucky I was able to meet with Victor all the way from Turkey. Then by the end of 2010 I have started teaching in Turkey. My teacher here kept praising I had very good training and I was teaching very succesfully. First I didn't understand why. Then I attended some other trainings here. Finally I've realized how fulfilling Victor's training was. I didn't understand back then but he taught the basics and key points so well I've never had hard time modifying poses, figuring things on my own and help my students. Now I have my own studio in Ankara, Turkey. I share lovely classes with my students and leave with a big smile. I have a long way in front of me. I only wish Victor was closer."

Cigla teaches yoga in her home town of Ankara, Turkey.

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