If you are health conscious and would like some guidance in how to maximize your wellbeing with what you eat, or are dealing with a medical diagnosis that may be addressed nutritionally, or are pregnant and want to make sure your baby gets the best chance at health, or are a parent unsure how to help your kids eat well, or are just in need of some clarity on the myriad of supplement options that you are bombarded with, then a nutrition consultation at NOURISH is what you need.

Private Consultations

Private Consultation

Nutrition consultations at NOURISH are with Jocelyn Dubin MS, RD. Jocelyn offers one on one nutrition consultations that meet each individual client's needs. You may choose to consult with Jocelyn in her office at NOURISH, by phone, Skype, at your favorite grocery store, or even in a restaurant. If you or your family member is homebound or you simply want a professional opinion about what you have in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, then Jocelyn will meet you for a nutrition consult in your home. Like all of Jocelyn's clients, you will come away from your consultation with specific nutrition recommendations, menu suggestions, healthy snack ideas, nutrition analysis, grocery lists, and printed education materials suited for your individual needs.

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What to Bring to your Nutrition Consultation (PDF)
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Jocelyn also consults with clients by phone and SKYPE

Grocery Shopping Guidance

Jocelyn makes grocery shopping easy and fun as she guides you through your favorite grocery store or introduces you to one that suits your needs better. She highlights the best brands, how to better read and understand food labels, the best choices in produce, and how to eat healthily even on a budget. "I'm not the food police," says Jocelyn, "I'm the food fairy."

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Restaurant Dining Tutorials

Dining out doesn't have to be a nutritional challenge. When you schedule a Restaurant Dining Tutorial appointment with Jocelyn, she will meet you at your favorite or most frequented restaurants and help you decide which menu offerings are the healthiest. You'll learn which menu terms indicate hidden fats, high carbohydrate content, and/or animal and plant proteins. If you have food allergies or weight management concerns you are among those that will greatly benefit from dining tutorials with Jocelyn.

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Customized Presentations

If you are a member of an organization, a corporation, or a non-profit, you and your team will benefit from the dynamic nutrition presentations created personally by Jocelyn. Employees of nonprofit organizations and corporations and members of other organizations, leave Jocelyn's nutrition presentations equipped with new nutrition knowledge, healthy eating tips, and educational tools they can use wherever they eat. Jocelyn also offers nutrition presentations to the public on a variety of nutrition related topics.

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"Today's class was really a blessing for me. I felt a healing taking place in my body, mind and spirit. This week as we focus on the connections of in breath to out breath , from head to neck, etc. and the places where the breath connects and the places where the body connects, I felt a real healing taking place. I found a new peace in each breath, in each connection of the body, and recongnizing and acknowledging those connections was like applying a healing salve to every breath and every movement of the breath becoming body becoming breath. It added a whole new dimension to my experience of everything. I left the class with a blessing and in turn became a blessing to those around me. Thank you, Victor."

~Patricia Gorman

"NOURISH is true healing for the mind, body, & soul! I love the yoga they practice here. Every instructor is nothing but amazing! Victor is friendly & funny, Roxanne is a true delight & a wonderful way to start off your morning! They truly help you learn the correct way & are completely committed to your well being."

~Jenny C.

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