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It's so easy for you to enjoy the health and happiness that comes from our customized, clinical, and comprehensive massage therapy. Just BUY and BOOK!

Pre-BOOK as many massages as you BUY.

Here are examples of how you can take advantage of this health and happiness opportunity:

Lorraine enjoys an Extended Care (80 minutes) massage the first Friday of every month because she decided to BUY 12 Extended Care massages (at a savings of $120!) and then on the very first day she did, she was able to BOOK massage appointments on a consistent day and time for the next year!

Joe enjoys Tune Up (25 minutes) massages whenever he can fit them in to his busy schedule. He is often called away on business unexpectedly, so he decided to BUY 6 Tune Up massages (at a savings of $30) and BOOK those appointments when he gets back from being away, in order to feel settled after the stress of traveling.

Felicity enjoys Full (50 minutes) massages once a month to help address the high blood pressure that comes from her genetics and her busy lifestyle. To make a commitment to herself and her health, Felicity decided to BUY 9 Full massages (at a savings of $135). While she'll most often BOOK her massage once a month, she will also be going on a few multiple week vacations and will be able to BOOK multiple appointments anytime during the next 9 months (so she doesn't "lose" any of the massages she paid for when she is away).

Want to guarantee you'll get your massage at a particular day and time every week or month? Just BUY and BOOK.

BUY 1 Massage, BOOK 1 Massage (Good For One Month)*

BUY 2 Massages, BOOK 2 Massages (Good for Two Months)*

BUY 3 Massages, BOOK 3 Massages (Good for Three Months)*

And so on ...

BUY As Many Massages as You Like. Then BOOK as Many Massages as You Like.

*From the date of purchase.

BUY 2 or more massages and get discounted rates on every massage!

Extended Care (80 minutes)

Buy One at a Time ....................... $135

Buy Two Or More ........................ $125 each

Full (50 minutes)

Buy One at a Time ......................... $90

Buy Two Or More ........................... $75 each

Tune Up (35 minutes)

Buy One at a Time ........................ $55

Buy Two Or More .......................... $50 each

While any time spent enjoying a massage at NOURISH will uplift you, massage therapy shouldn't have to be a once in a while luxury. If you are serious about committing to massage for your health and wellness then incorporate massage therapy at NOURISH as a regular, consistent part of your routine. BUY and BOOK Now!

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  • Best Massage Therapist in Santa Cruz
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"Everyone is always so pleasant when I come in [to NOURISH]. I'm so happy I decided to join the yoga and massage program. It's going to keep me sane this winter. "

~Colleen L

"I came back to Santa Cruz from a month of hiking. The massages at Nourish are so good that my legs are functioning again!"

~Joe Collins

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