NOURISH is committed to providing a wonderful working environment for its employees. We are a community of people passionate about yoga, massage, nutrition and wellness and we understand that for our staff to be able to provide the best wellness services to our clients they too must feel well, supported and appreciated.


NOURISH receptionists are the eyes, ears, face, and voice of our organization. We ask each of our employees about their special skills and interests and make every effort to support and encourage those pursuits. If you have excellent communication skills, strong computer comfort, flexible hours, a willingness to learn, and a desire to be a part of a wellness team please send a resume and cover letter to

Yoga Teachers

At NOURISH we treat our yoga instructors as professionals. Our teachers are compensated for teaching, not for class attendance, and as a result are free to focus on being and becoming the best teachers they can be.
We offer guaranteed salary for committed instructors who join our regular staff. We also offer competitive rates for per class substitute instructors. If you are ready to make a commitment to a community of students and a wellness team, please send a resume, bio, site links, and a cover letter detailing your perspective on the yoga practice and your degree of interest to

Massage Therapists

At NOURISH we consider regular massage therapy a part of our clients' health and wellbeing, not just a luxury to indulge every once in a while. That's why we offer Unlimited Massage, with certified and well trained massage therapists, at reasonable prices. Because of this, massage therapists at NOURISH have an opportunity to practice their craft on a diversity of clients with a diversity of needs.
Massage therapists at NOURISH receive guaranteed salary in exchange for regular and consistent commitment and are not independent contractors. If you are a professional, experienced, massage therapist, ready for the security of regular hours and regular pay, then please send a resume and bio to

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"If you wake up feeling poorish, Your spirits sink and sag, The wicked world seems all so boorish And life is a lousy drag… Here's one way to spark regain a flourish And bring back a bounce in your step: Get thee hence downtown to Nourish And those burdens you'll no longer shlep!"

~Allan Lönnberg

"I am so grateful for Jocelyn! We luckily found her after my husband was sick from a virus that landed him in the hospital and he didn't seem to be recovering from. The doctors did not know how to help and she did. She read his medical report, explained everything so clearly, and was a guide for us during a very scary time. I don't know what we would have done without her!"

~Monica Lee

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